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The rise of social media has not just changed the internet but the way people connect with one another. That presents huge opportunities, as well as new threats for advertisers. But amoung all this “new” and emerging technology, for advertisers the old principles still apply. Your advertising on social media still needs to be targeted at the right people, deliver the right message at the right time and it still needs to encourage potential customers to buy. At Inbound360 we embrace the opportunity of advertising through social networks while staying focused on your bottom line.

Sociable Advertising

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The challenge of advertising on social media is interupting a user inside their personal online space and serving them an advert which is relevant, timely and inspiring enough to divert their attention for long enough to convert.

This is where social media advertising differs dramatically from other forms of biddable media like search ads – the user isn’t in the buying mindset so they need to be inspired to take action, not just told. At Inbound360 we don’t just run social media ads, we work with you to develop advertising messages which will engage audiences on social media sites and stratagies to deliver those messages to the right people at the right time.

Our networks

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We specialise in running social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. We can also support advertising campaigns on emerging platforms like Stumbleupon Ads. We treat social media advertising separately from display or paid search. Each social network has its own perculiarities and the audiences of each respond differently to different types of message.

Our technology can handle large scale cross network campaigns and we can also provide laser targeted, hand built campaigns designed to reach the most niche audiences on the internet.

What we offer

Inbound360 are a full service social media advertising agency. We manage everything from strategy to ad design, video and copywriting through to bid management and reporting. And, as with all our online advertising management services, conversion rate optimisation consultancy including landing page optimisation and split testing is built into every social media advertising campaign we run.

We can handle media budgets from £2,000/ month across social networks and our fees are typically calculated based on a % of your media spend. Talk to us today about how we can help you get ROI from advertising on social networks.

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