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What is Retargeting?


Retargeting is an advertising system which allows you to show advertisements only to certain internet users. Typically these would be your past customers or people who have visited your website but who haven’t brought from you yet. Your adverts can be shown to these highly targeted groups of users as they browse the web, we can retarget them on virtually any website which shows banner ads including newspapers, online magazine, social networks (including Facebook), property portals, forums, blogs, webmail services and niche interest sites.

With many websites reporting that only 2% of visitors purchase or convert during their first visit, retargeting is a powerful way of advertising to the 98% who have not yet converted, bringing them back to your site to complete their purchase.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting works by installing a tracking pixel on your website which lets us set a cookie with every visitor who comes to your site. We group those visitors into retargeting lists and when they appear on one of the millions of other websites we have access to, we can serve them a highly targeted advert, encouraging them to return to your site.

  1. Visitor clicks onto your website, they browse some key pages but don’t convert into a lead or sale
  2. We add the customers computer to a retargeting list
  3. That visitor then goes to another site which displays banner adverts (lets say the Daily Mail for example), we then show them an advert for your business.
  4. We can even personalise the advert we show them by including products or services which that visitor was looking at on your site.
  5. When the visitor returns to your site and finally purchases or converts into a lead we remove them from the retargeting list so they’re no longer shown adverts.

Our Retargeting management service

adroll retargeting

Inbound360 do not provide retargeting technology, instead we work with industry leading Retargeting platforms such as Adroll and Google Remarketing to provide our clients with a cost effective retargeting service.

If you’re interested in testing retargeting or are already using it but are not seeing results, talk to one of our online advertising experts today about how we can help manage and improve the results you’re getting from Retargeting.

Remember that retargeting, although powerful, is only one piece of the online advertising jigsaw. We recommend running a retargeting program alongside other online advertising initiatives to generate a good balance of new and repeat visitors to your site.

Retargeting usage examples

Retargeting can be used in a number of ways and is suitable for many different types of sites, not just ecommerce websites. Here are some examples of how we've used retargeting to increase our clients sales and leads:

  • Retarget adverts at shoppers who have abandoned their shopping cart before checkout
  • Retarget visitors who have contacted you in the past but haven't purchased
  • Retarget past customers with cross-sell products
  • Charities can target past donors or event participants
  • Use remarketing for search ads to test high cost generic keywords
  • Retarget people who have visited your blog, completed a free trial or downloaded your content
  • Retarget new customers with recommend a friend/ member-get-member promotions
  • Retarget customers to incentivise online reviews
  • + many more!

Have an idea for how your business could benefit from retargeting, or just need some advice, contact us to talk to a retargeting expert today.

Retargeting on Facebook

facebook retargeting

With Retargeting on Facebook you can show your adverts to visitors who have been on your site previously, right inside their Facebook newsfeeds. The prime advert real estate of the Facebook newsfeed, coupled with the effectiveness of retargeting has been shown to produce excellent results.

We also now have the option of using Facebook's custom audiences to implement a retargeting system of sorts whereby we use the email addresses of your past customers or email subscribers to target adverts just at certain Facebook users. This can work particularly well for businesses with large customer databases and it also has the advantage of retargeting visitors across devices, so whether they're signed into Facebook on their Desktop, Smartphone or tablet we can show them your adverts.

What is the difference between Retargeting & Remarketing?

You often hear the terms retargeting and remarketing used interchangeably, often causing confusion about the difference between retargeting and remarketing, and they are indeed very similar:

  • Retargeting is specific to the technique of displaying online adverts to past website visitors, as we’ve outlined above.
  • Remarketing is most commonly used in reference to Google’s Remarketing product which forms part of Google Adwords. Its essentially Google’s Retargeting product.
  • However, as a further complication remarketing may also refer to other forms of marketing to past visitors, the most obvious use being in Ecommerce – where a website visitor might add a product to their cart, start checking out but don’t complete the purchase. The store may then use “remarketing” to email that website visitor encouraging them to complete their checkout (Amazon do this a lot). So in this sense Remarketing can be different to Retargeting as it doesn’t have to involve an online advert (it could be an email or even a phone call).

Remarketing on Google

google remarketing

Remarketing on Google Display Network: Remarketing through the Google Display Network is similar to other types of retargeting, although it is limited to sites which show adverts as part of the Google Display Network. We often recommend our clients “dip their toe” in retargeting using Remarketing on Google Display Network as its an easy setup for client who already run Google Adwords and we can use text ads rather than banners, meaning no upfront design costs. For clients who get good results with Google Remarketing we usually recommend progressing to a more advanced Retargeting service which allows us to display ads on a wider range of sites.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: As part of Google’s Remarketing product we are able to retarget your past website visitors in Google Search results when they search for relevant keywords. As an example we may use a Google remarketing list to bid for a higher avert position in Google Adwords for searchers who have previously visited your website. As the probability a visitor will convert increases on their second or third visit it often makes sense to use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to increase your repeat visitors.

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