Finally a PPC management company who care as much about return on investment as you do.

Inbound360 are experts at pay per click advertising. Unlike our competitors we are a truly specialist PPC agency, its all we do.

Our PPC Management Service.

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Our Pay per Click (PPC) team have years of experience managing millions of pounds of paid search advertising spend for some of the UK’s most well known brands. If PPC is too important to your marketing goals to leave to chance and you want to work with a real specialist then talk to us about how we can help take your pay per click campaigns to the next level. When we take over campaigns from other PPC agencies and in-house teams we often find simple mistakes which are costing thousands in wasted ad spend. If you suspect this could be the case with your campaign then get in touch and we'll audit your account for free, if we think we can improve performance we'll give you a quote to take over the management.

Networks we work with

ppc networks

The Inbound360 team have been running pay per click marketing since 2005, which has meant we have seen paid search advertising evolve from Google AdWords, Bing Advertising (then Microsoft AdCenter) and Yahoo to now over 10 advertising platforms, all with their own unique benefits.

Most of our pay per click clients start by advertising on Google Adwords due to its massive market share. We can then support your campaigns on other networks as well for even greater reach and more niche traffic.

Tailor made stratagies

ppc strategy

Unlike other PPC agencies, our strategies for online lead generation and eCommerce are developed from years of experience, continual testing and data analysis, not just from your PPC data but also from analytics packages reporting on your site’s traffic behaviour. The strategies we develop evolve with your campaign based on the performance metrics that are crucial to your business whether thats sales, leads or something else. With every conversion your campign makes we learn more about your customers and use that data to improve your bidding strategy - thats why our clients see their return on advertising spend increasing as we continue managing their PPC accounts.

Bid management

bid management

Whether you’ve got a handful of high value keywords in your campaign or millions we can handle it. We manage most PPC campaigns manually but for large ecommerce campaigns with hundreds of thousand or even millions of potential keywords we can work with automated bid management software to provide scalabale, cost effect bid management across all your keywords, and on multiple platforms.

Copywriting & Design


Words are our business. At the heart of PPC advertising campaigns are keywords, text ads and landing pages. That’s a lot of words so it makes sense for a PPC management company to use some of the best copywriters in the business. We work with a team of over 20 specialist copywriters from different sectors, meaning whatever you sell we can ensure your pay per click ads are written by a professional, meaning less start up times for new campaigns. We’re continually testing new copy and design creative in our campaigns and our team of writers and designers let us turn ideas into live campaigns and A/B tests very quickly.

Enhanced campaigns

enhanced campaigns

In July 2013 Google rolled out "Enhanced campaigns" to all Adwords customers. One of the biggest changes since the birth of the advertising platform. Enhanced campaigns present new opportunities for advertisers but many have also reported reduced ROI since the rollout. If you've seen your Adwords performance dip since July, it may be your campaigns need to be re-configured. We offer free reviews of Adwords campaigns, even if you're already working with another PPC agency, which can help diagnose problems caused since the switchover to Enhanced Campaigns. Contact us to setup your free account review.

Mobile & tablets

mobile and tablet

There’s so much more to consider when it comes to mobile search than simply being visible to searchers on mobile devices. While some studies suggest as much as 50% of internet traffic in the UK now goes via a mobile device, mobile commerce hasn’t caught up and mobile is likely to convert far lower than desktop or tablet visitors, especially if your site doesn’t support an optimised mobile browsing experience. Because all our PPC reporting is centered on your business goals, rather than clicks and impressions, when we run your PPC campaign we can tell you exactly what a mobile visitor is worth to you and optimise your spend across devices accordingly. No more guess work. We see too many PPC agencies pushing their clients onto mobile advertising when it really isn't right for their business. We prefer to let the numbers guide our strategy.

Click Fraud Monitoring

click fraud monitoring

However much you’re spending on your paid search campaigns you want to make sure that your budget is being spent on real visitors, not clicks from competitors and automated programs. On many campaigns as much as 10% of clicks can be fraudulent – this can often make the difference between a campaign producing positive ROI or not. At Inbound360 we take the threat of click fraud in pay per click advertising seriously and use state of the art click fraud monitoring software to detect and report instances of click fraud to the search engines. This could save thousands of pounds a year in advertising and could just prove to be your competitive advantage.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & Split testing


At Inbound360 conversion rate optimisation is as much a part of the PPC management process as keyword research and ad copywriting. Whenever we work on a PPC campaign we spend as much time working on your website to get the most out of the traffic weren’t generating as we do on the management and optimisation of the advertising campaign itself. And unlike most PPC agencies we don’t consider CRO an add-on or additional service, its included in the management fee you pay us for handling your paid search campaigns. Are your current pay per click agency working with you to pro-actively improve your conversion rate? If not, its time to talk to Inbound360.

ROI Reporting


No PPC campaign optimisation can be completed. Our team have reduced cost per acquisitions by 400% and increased revenue by 700% but even with these results we did not stop optimising the campaign. There are always adverts that can be improved, keywords that can be found, quality scores that can be increased or changes to landing pages and conversion funnels that, if made, will improve the results of the paid search campaign ither by reducing pay per click costs or improving conversion rates.

Competitor Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence

Ever wish you could see inside your competitors PPC campaigns. Understand which keywords are making them money and which aren’t. See how much they’re spending? We start every campaign by conducting an advanced competitor intelligence report, looking at all your competitors keywords, the adverts they’re using and where they’re bidding. We don’t steal or copy their campaigns, but we always learn a thing or two about the market, offer you some insight and give you an instant advantage even in the most competitive seactors.

Brand Protection


At Inbound360 we understand your brand is your greatest asset as a business and we can help you protect it in your paid search campaigns. From brand bidding stratagies (on your own and competitors brand names) to monitoring your brand terms to ensure your affiliates aren’t bidding against you we can help.

Organic Keyword Rank Tracking


Research has shown that occupying both the top positions in both organic and paid search results can dramatically increase your conversion rates, so if budgets allow that is usually our recommendation. However if you already have a strong presence in organic search and a limited paid search budget we can implement a keyword bidding strategy which takes into account your organic keyword rankings, so your bids are reduced or your ads switched off altogether on keywords where you’re already getting organic traffic. We can monitor thousands of organic search keyword rankings on a daily or weekly basis and build processes into your campaign management to concentrate spend on terms where your organic rankings are weakest.

Call Tracking & Analytics

call tracking

However your website generates leads or sales, whether online or offline we can help you track and attribute leads back to the correct marketing channel, giving you a clear picture of the return on investment you’re seeing from your advertising spend. We work with the UK’s best phone lead tracking solutions and can support all major web analytics packages including Google Analytics, Webtrends and Omniture to provide you reliable and transparent ROI reports across all major pay per click networks.

B2B Lead Generation

lead generation

For B2B clients our PPC management service goes so much further than simply sending visitors to your website. We can install tracking on your site to analyse which exact companies click on your ads and visit your website. You can monitor the B2B companies visiting your site in real time, or we can send you regular reports detailing the businesses who are interested in you, but which haven’t purchased. Your sales team can reach out to these companies and close the sale. We can also bring non-converting visitors back to your site through retargeting.

Experts Not Interns


You might think that entrusting your pay per click advertising campaigns to a large PPC agency would guarentee you the best possible management but the reality is that most big PPC companies are going to leave the day to day management of your advertising in the hands of inexperienced junior staff. We think todays paid search market is too expensive and complex to risk leaving in the hands of anyone who’s not a genuine expert. When you hire Inbound360 as your PPC management agency you can rest assured the people handling the day to day management of your campaigns have years of experience in search engine advertising- meet the team here. We also provide bespoke, in-company PPC training courses to businesses looking to upskill their in-house marketing teams to manage their PPC themselves with our support.

Our Fees

  • We offer a variety of pricing models for different sizes and types of PPC campaign.
  • We offer fixed price PPC management plans which don’t increase your management fees if your spend increases.
  • Generally our minimum pay per click management fee is £500/ month.
  • We don’t want to hide our pricing but every campaign really is different so please contact us for a quick price quote (no hard sell we promise!).
  • In most cases pay per click advertising campaigns are managed on a month to month basis with no minimum contract term.
  • We also offer very competitive pay per click management fees for large accounts. Please contact us for full details of our pricing models.
  • Charities and good causes may also receive a discounted rate and we often waive the minimum monthly fee for these types of campaigns.

Switching to Us

Most of our customers come to Inbound360 having already run campaigns in-house or with another PPC management company. We make switching your PPC management to us as smooth and pain-free as possible, and we guarentee to improve your ROI of any campaign we take over from another agency. See our dedicated page on switching your PPC to Inbound360 for more details.

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