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LinkedIn is the world’s only professional social networking site of any significance. With over 250 million professional members in 200+ countries the site provides an excellent opportunity for B2B companies to advertise to a highly qualified professional audience. The LinkedIn Advertising platform is one of the most cost effective online lead generation tools we’ve used at Inbound360 and our LinkedIn advertising clients regularly find their LinkedIn paid advertising costs less per lead than any other form of pay per click marketing, including Google Adwords.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn

As with other areas of pay per click advertising, to get the most from your Linkedin ad spend you need a LinkedIn strategy designed to discover the highest converting adverts, audience segments and budget settings to generate the most leads, for the lowest cost. Inbound360 can run both LinkedIn pay per click (PPC) adverts via LinkedIn “self service” advertising and also premium display advertising on LinkedIn which is sold on a CPM basis.

LinkedIn PPC Ads

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LinkedIn PPC ads or “Direct Ads” are the simplest advertising campaigns to setup and run on LinkedIn and make the ideal starting point for most businesses looking to explore LinkedIn advertising and prove the value to their business. With the PPC model LinkedIn advertising costs stay completely under your control and campaigns can start from as little as £8/ day. As with Google Adwords and other forms of pay per click marketing you only pay when a LinkedIn member clicks on your advert. Clicks on LinkedIn adverts typically cost from £1.50-£3.00 depending on the segment of members you’re targeting.

LinkedIn Display Advertising

With a range of IAB standard display formats available on the website we can run highly targeted and effective display advertising and guarantee it reaches only the audience you want to see it. Inbound360 can use your existing display creative or work with you to design a display campaign completed tailored to your LinkedIn ad campaign.


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Our LinkedIn Ad campaign reports are based on Google Analytic or whatever web analytics solution you are using on your website. Your LinkedIn ads are tagged with campaign tracking in the same way as other paid search or display ads. This allows us to measure your LinkedIn traffic performance from click to conversion and calculate your net cost per lead from LinkedIn.

How we work

LinkedIn Advertising isn’t for everyone so the first stage in any LinkedIn ad campaign we run is assessing whether LinkedIn is actually a good fit for your business. We’ve run a lot of LinkedIn ads and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t but even still, we’ll usually suggest starting with a small trial campaign before committing a larger, long term budget to advertising with LinkedIn.

Once we’ve scoped out your campaign we will get to work creating your adverts, segments and budgets. In some instances we may recommend creating LinkedIn campaign specific content or landing pages to help convert your LinkedIn referrals into leads. As with other PPC management services we offer LinkedIn campaigns are typically priced with a one-time setup fee and monthly management fee which varies based on the size, budget and complexity of your campaign and reporting requirements.

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