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Google Ad Grants

google ad grants

Google Ad Grants is a program run by Google For Non-Profits which allows charitable organisations to apply for a grant of $10,000/ month (around £6,000) in AdWords advertising credits for use on the Google search network.

Inbound360 have experience getting eligible charities approved on the Google Grants program and running AdWords campaigns for charities which either drive donations or raise awareness of the charity and its causes in other ways.

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How to Use Google Ad Grants

For many charities the issue with Ad Grants comes after they’ve been accepted onto the program in working out how they can best use the allocated funds. $10,000 is a significant amount of monthly advertising spend, even for a commercial organisation so it presents a big opportunity for charities. However many struggle to put the Ad Grant to good use, failing to identify the keyword opportunities which exist to drive relevant audiences to their website. Here are some ideas for ways to make use of your Google Ad Grant funding:

Awareness – if part of your remit as a charity is to raise awareness of the issues you campaign for then you can use your Google Ad Grant to advertise on keywords broadly related to your cause. This works best where your website offers free content about the issues you campaign for.

Donations – driving direct donations is usually the first and most obvious way charities choose to use their Ad Grant funding. Broadly targeting keywords related to giving in your sector is a worthwhile exercise but its unlikely to give you a massive return as few donors actually work like this, as you’ll already know, most of your donations will come from people who have prior knowledge of your charity and work before they come to donate.

Fundraisers – attracting proactive fundraisers to your organisation is a great use of your Google Ad Grant budget. Use AdWords advertising to build awareness of your fundraising events or sponsor keywords related to popular events like marathons to encourage participants to fundraise on your behalf.

Online petitions – a great use of your Google Grants budget is to drive awareness of your causes among an engaged audience and getting them involved in online petitions which not only help your campaigning efforts but may also help you build valuable marketing data lists.

Sales – if you have an online shop where you sell items with the proceeds going entirely to the charity you can use your Google Grant to advertise products in the shop. Note you have to sell the products yourself; you can’t use Google Grant money to advertise products sold by other sites with whom you have an affiliate agreement.

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Eligibility for Google Grant Funding

To Be Eligible for Google Grants in the UK a charity must usually be registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (you’ll need a registered charity number when you apply).

You need to have a website on your own domain name with what Google refer to as “substantial content” – it can’t just be a holding page.

Certain types of organisations are excluded from the program including:

  • Government funded organisation
  • Hospital groups and medical centres
  • Most types of academic institution including schools and universities

Aside from the above restrictions, most types of charities are able to apply for the program. Acceptance typically takes 4-8 weeks, however in some cases its been know to take up to 6 months. If you’re not sure if you’re eligible contact us on and we’ll be happy to offer you free advice.

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Our Adwords Management Service for Non Profits

If you're looking to take advantage of the Google Grants program Inbound360 can help with your Google Grants application, advise on strategy, setup your campaign and manage it on a day to day basis to ensure you get the most from your Grant. This is a commercial service and management fees do apply, although we offer preferential fees to non-profits and waive our usual minimum monthly fees and contract terms. Please contact us if you'd like to talk about how we can help you get approved on Google Grants or get more from your charities AdWords campaign.

As with every campaign we run, our Adwords management service for non-profits on the Google Grants program will include:

  • Detailed keyword research and professional ad copywriting
  • All appropriate AdWords features and Ad Extensions
  • Conversion path analysis and optimisation
  • Clear transparent reporting
  • Direct access to an experienced AdWords professional (including out of hours support)
  • Regular account review meetings and calls
  • Discounted AdWords training courses
  • See full details of our pay per click management service here.
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Google Partner Agency

Inbound360 are a Google Partner agency, making us an ideal choice of agency to handle your Google Grants application and your advertising budget. You can use this link to verify our details on the Google Partner agency website. The Google Partner agency program means our service levels comply with Google's own standards and gives us dedicated account management at Google to respond to any issues with your campaign quickly.

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AdWords Training Courses for Charities

Our Adwords management team can also provide your charity with Google Adwords training courses delivered to your team at your own premises and with course content tailored to your cause. Our training courses are a great way to bring your team up to speed on Google AdWords, ensuring you get the most from your Google Grant budget. We offer very favourable rates on training courses for charities and good causes.

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