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Setup a New AdWords Account Skipping the Billing Info Screen

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Setup a New AdWords Account Skipping the Billing Info Screen

Written by on 6 February, 2015

Here’s a quick tip for anyone trying to setup a new AdWords account and meeting the dreaded “enter your billing information screen”. This used to be skippable but recently for new accounts Google have forced you to enter billing information and setup an ad group before you can get into your account and set it up properly. This is fine for DIY newbies but if you’re setting up accounts for clients like us you probably want to get everything ready and then just get the client to enter their billing info at the end right?

Well there’s a way to skip the billing information screen on new AdWords accounts which still works at the moment.

  1. Signup for your new AdWords account as you normally would using a new email address (one not associated with another AdWords account)
  2. Verify the email address
  3. Login to AdWords (you’ll probably be faced with the “getting started”/ enter billing info screen when you first login
  4. Now click this link or go to http://bit.ly/skipadwordsbilling
  5. You should be taken past the billing screen and straight into the account you’ve just setup:-)

This might not last forever as Google seem to be pushing for everyone to enter their billing details when signing up. Perhaps to stop people signing up for an account just to use the Keyword Tool for free. Its pretty annoying for Google Partner Agencies who like us setup a lot of new accounts for clients though!

Author: John McElborough

+John McElborough is co-founder and MD of Inbound360, a London based PPC agency. John has been building and marketing websites for over a decade and has consulted for some of the UK’s largest brands on PPC and digital strategy. His work has been published on leading industry sites including SearchEngineJournal, Social Media Today and Moz.com as well as his own Marketing For Growth” blog

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