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Google Testing New Smaller Font Sizes on Search Result Pages


Google Testing New Smaller Font Sizes on Search Result Pages

Written by on 29 January, 2014

We noticed this morning Google seem to be testing a new layout on search results pages. It seems to be a very subtle difference in the font size used for display URLs and descriptions in Adwords ads and the snippets and URL’s on organic listings. As a result the click-able titles of both adverts and organics look slightly larger.

Can you spot the difference? Its pretty subtle, click the image below to enlarge

new google search result page with smaller text

This does appear to be a limited test at the moment. The net effect is that about 40 pixels of extra results show “above the fold”. So for example on my laptop this means I see the top 3 ad units, top 2 organics and the title of the position 3 organic listing.

So on one hand, good news if you’re in organic position 3. Although its more likely Google are trialling this as a way to include more ad extensions in the top 3 units.

Has anyone else seen this layout today?


Author: John McElborough

+John McElborough is co-founder and MD of Inbound360, a London based PPC agency. John has been building and marketing websites for over a decade and has consulted for some of the UK’s largest brands on PPC and digital strategy. His work has been published on leading industry sites including SearchEngineJournal, Social Media Today and Moz.com as well as his own Marketing For Growth” blog

2 Responses to

  1. Sean says:

    This looks horrible…why change something that isn’t broken? Thanks Microsoft 😛

  2. Rob says:

    don’t care about the new underline-missing links

    but why is the font size at a setting suitable for the minority of users that are visually impaired?!? It’s PAINFULLY large/oversized!

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