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Watch Out For Fake Google Adwords Phishing Ads


Watch Out For Fake Google Adwords Phishing Ads

Written by on 20 March, 2014

Here’s a quick post to say watch out for fake adverts for Google Adwords being used by hackers. Here’s an example below, from the display URL it looks like a genuine Adwords ad but you can see the ad copy and sitelinks are weird:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.50.14


If you click that advert you’ll be taken to a phishing site, Chrome caught this before it sent me in the example below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.00.34

If you’re using another browser you might not be so lucky.

The way these hackers work is they get inside an Adwords account and use it to setup fake ads like the example above. They use the adverts to send you to a fake Adwords login where they phish your details and get access to more accounts. Once they have access to your accounts they’ll setup more phishing adverts and all sorts of ads for nasty stuff like payday loans where they can earn money. Google are aware of this scam and have a department to deal with it, but this kind of thing seems to be getting more prevalent so watch out.

Treat your Adwords login in the same way as your internet banking, always type the Adwords.google.co.uk domain straight into your browser rather than clicking on a search result for it and make sure you’re on the correct domain before entering any login details. Also be careful what 3rd party apps you give your Adwords login credentials to.

Stay safe out there people!

Author: John McElborough

+John McElborough is co-founder and MD of Inbound360, a London based PPC agency. John has been building and marketing websites for over a decade and has consulted for some of the UK’s largest brands on PPC and digital strategy. His work has been published on leading industry sites including SearchEngineJournal, Social Media Today and Moz.com as well as his own Marketing For Growth” blog

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