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Is Facebook Retargeting Hitting Saturation Point?


Retargeting may have emerged as the darling of Facebook Advertising (and at least to some extent the saviour of its ailing stock price) but as with all advertising channels it has a saturation point where its effectiveness plateaus. With retargeting on Facebook, for me that point will come where retargeting becomes the norm, not the

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How Long Until We Get Retargeting by Email in AdWords?


One of the smartest features to come to Facebook’s ad platform recently is the ability to target custom audiences using email address uploads. For anyone not familiar with how it works, here’s a summary: You want to target say, past customers, when they’re browsing Facebook. Take a CSV dump from your customer CRM or ecommerce

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The Hidden Dangers of Retargeting in Search & Display Campaigns


There’s a lot of talk in the online advertising industry of late about retargeting. Google are pushing advertisers to use their own “remarketing” offering and more ad networks than ever before are available for retargeting. But where most of the information about retargeting is put out by its advocates and agencies keen to sell it

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