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Setup a New AdWords Account Skipping the Billing Info Screen

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.31.31

Here’s a quick tip for anyone trying to setup a new AdWords account and meeting the dreaded “enter your billing information screen”. This used to be skippable but recently for new accounts Google have forced you to enter billing information and setup an ad group before you can get into your account and set it

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Successful Online Advertising Presentation At Print Efficiently


Thanks to those who came along to my Successful Online Advertising seminar at the Print Efficiently conference this week. I talked about the 4 main online advertising channels of display, social, search and retargeting and how they can work together as part of an effective campaign. As promised my slides are below. If you have

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Social Extensions Removed From Adwords Interface

social extensions in the adwords interface have been removed

Have you noticed social extensions quietly vanishing from your Adwords interface? The social extensions option which used to live under the Ad Extensions tab in the Adwords interface disappeared during the last update. Bemused by the disappearance we contacted Google to find out where it had gone and they confirmed that social extensions had been

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Watch Out For Fake Google Adwords Phishing Ads


Here’s a quick post to say watch out for fake adverts for Google Adwords being used by hackers. Here’s an example below, from the display URL it looks like a genuine Adwords ad but you can see the ad copy and sitelinks are weird:   If you click that advert you’ll be taken to a

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Is Facebook Retargeting Hitting Saturation Point?


Retargeting may have emerged as the darling of Facebook Advertising (and at least to some extent the saviour of its ailing stock price) but as with all advertising channels it has a saturation point where its effectiveness plateaus. With retargeting on Facebook, for me that point will come where retargeting becomes the norm, not the

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Google Testing New Smaller Font Sizes on Search Result Pages


We noticed this morning Google seem to be testing a new layout on search results pages. It seems to be a very subtle difference in the font size used for display URLs and descriptions in Adwords ads and the snippets and URL’s on organic listings. As a result the click-able titles of both adverts and

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How Long Until We Get Retargeting by Email in AdWords?


One of the smartest features to come to Facebook’s ad platform recently is the ability to target custom audiences using email address uploads. For anyone not familiar with how it works, here’s a summary: You want to target say, past customers, when they’re browsing Facebook. Take a CSV dump from your customer CRM or ecommerce

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Our Highlights from #BiddableWorld


Yesterday Inbound360 had a day out at the first BiddableWorld conference in London. Here’s our notes on some of the highlights and takeaways from the day. Where I’ve found them I’ve linked to the slides for each presentation. Session 1 Jon Myers gave a good introduction to the background of Biddable Media in his opening

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The Role of Qualitative Analysis in Lead Generation Campaigns


Spending all day in PPC campaigns it’s easy to become engulfed by data. While its great to be able to build strategies based on solid numbers, its important not to forget that advertising is about talking to people and to make your advertising better, sometimes you have to listen to what they have to say.

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7 PPC Advertising Predictions For 2014


Its that time of year when everyone’s looking to the coming year, and in the fast moving world of PPC advertising a year is a long time. In PPC, while the basics stay the same, we’re constantly seeing new innovations. In the spirit of the new year, we had a whip round the Inbound360 office

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The Long And Short Of Landing Page Optimisation


Landing page optimisation isn’t rocket science, yet to hear some experts talking about it you’d think they were planning for a moon landing. Here I want to share with you the one split-test which virtually any type of business can do to help improve the performance of their landing pages. Why do most split tests

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The Hidden Dangers of Retargeting in Search & Display Campaigns


There’s a lot of talk in the online advertising industry of late about retargeting. Google are pushing advertisers to use their own “remarketing” offering and more ad networks than ever before are available for retargeting. But where most of the information about retargeting is put out by its advocates and agencies keen to sell it

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Capitalizing on Local Events for Cheap, Quality PPC Traffic


One of the things I love most about PPC is that, despite the competitiveness of most commercial keyword marketplaces these days, once you step off the beaten track of advertising on head terms, category killers, and product names the Adwords landscape is still like the Wild West. For advertisers with a creative mindset and a

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