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Google Testing New Smaller Font Sizes on Search Result Pages


We noticed this morning Google seem to be testing a new layout on search results pages. It seems to be a very subtle difference in the font size used for display URLs and descriptions in Adwords ads and the snippets and URL’s on organic listings. As a result the click-able titles of both adverts and

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How Long Until We Get Retargeting by Email in AdWords?


One of the smartest features to come to Facebook’s ad platform recently is the ability to target custom audiences using email address uploads. For anyone not familiar with how it works, here’s a summary: You want to target say, past customers, when they’re browsing Facebook. Take a CSV dump from your customer CRM or ecommerce

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Our Highlights from #BiddableWorld


Yesterday Inbound360 had a day out at the first BiddableWorld conference in London. Here’s our notes on some of the highlights and takeaways from the day. Where I’ve found them I’ve linked to the slides for each presentation. Session 1 Jon Myers gave a good introduction to the background of Biddable Media in his opening

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The Role of Qualitative Analysis in Lead Generation Campaigns


Spending all day in PPC campaigns it’s easy to become engulfed by data. While its great to be able to build strategies based on solid numbers, its important not to forget that advertising is about talking to people and to make your advertising better, sometimes you have to listen to what they have to say.

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7 PPC Advertising Predictions For 2014


Its that time of year when everyone’s looking to the coming year, and in the fast moving world of PPC advertising a year is a long time. In PPC, while the basics stay the same, we’re constantly seeing new innovations. In the spirit of the new year, we had a whip round the Inbound360 office

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